Emails + SMS + WhatsApp

MentallyGoods includes a powerful patient alert and notification system that allows you to send important reminders and alerts to patients, doctors, and admins, helping you keep everyone informed and on track


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Send Custom Alerts to Users

Send Important Emails

MentallyGood’s clinical notification service includes built-in triggers that allow you to automatically
send important alerts via email, helping you stay organized and on top of critical information


Send SMS Alerts Via Twilio

MentallyGood’s complete clinic management solution includes integration with Twilio, allowing you to send SMS notifications to patients and other users as needed. This helps ensure that important information is delivered promptly and efficiently

WhatsApp Notifications

MentallyGood’s patient alerts and notifications system includes the ability to send alerts to clients via WhatsApp, the world’s most popular chat app. This helps you communicate important information to your patients quickly and effectively
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Customize Notification Templates

MentallyGood’s notification system allows you to customize the email and SMS templates for various notifications that are sent to patients and doctors, giving you the flexibility to tailor the messaging to your specific needs

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