Privacy Policy

We are MentallyGoods operating under the domain MentallyGoods.io.

We created this policy in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), NY Privacy Act 2021 and the CCPA.

This privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) explains how MentallyGood (“we,” “us,” or “our”) collects, uses, and shares personally identifiable information(PII) about you when you use our healthcare software and related services (collectively, the “Services”).

All the PII we collect and utilize would be treated in accordance with this policy.

We have our HIPAA privacy notice that talks about how we handle Protected Health Information (PHI) specifically, you can view that here.

Our Payments are handled by Stripe and you can view their privacy policy here.

We host our services on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and you can view their privacy policy here.

We are committed to ensuring that the PII we collect to fulfill our contract with you are treated with utmost respect to your privacy. We do that by complying with the GDPR, NY Privacy Act 2021 and the CCPA.

You have to read through the policies thoroughly.

Choosing to continue on our website means you agree with our policy.

What we consider as PII?

PII is personally identifiable information. These types of data are information that can be identifiable to any of our customers. It is important to state that we believe that these data are entirely for you and not ours. We treat PII separately from PHI.  PHI specifically deals with Health Information that can be identifiable to our customers and you can see our policy on PHI usage here. 

On what lawful basis do we collect your PII?

We use PII to fulfill our contract with you and also carry out marketing activities in your interest.

What we do with your PII?

We utilize your PII to make sure you can seamlessly use our platform to enjoy our services. We also utilize PII to carry out marketing and research to serve you better.

How do we do this?

We collect;

Your Name: To enable us uniquely identify and address you

Your Address: We use this to manage physical correspondence with you and also marketing purposes

Your Password: To gain access to your profile

Your Phone Number: For communication

Your Email: To gain access to your profile and also communication purposes

Your Card Details: For processing by Stripe

Your Location: To enforce security policies and also serve our clients more appropriately

Your Activities Pattern: For research and marketing purposes

Your Technical information: To implement technical controls


We may request for other types of PII and we would provide valid reasons if the need arises.


Data Minimization


We are committed to collecting just the minimal PII needed to fulfill our contract with you at any time. Should you at any point think any information we request for is unnecessary, you could make a complaint to our data protection team on MentallyGoodsehr@gmail.com.


How do we collect your data?


  • When you register and supply us information to carry out activities on our platform
  • When you view or interact with our website via browser cookies
  • When we analyze your activity on our website
  • When you subscribe to our mailing list or other marketing communication
  • When third parties you are affiliated with supply us with your information to make use of our services


Third Parties


We utilize the following third parties to fulfill our contract with our clients. With your permission we may share your personal data with Third Parties in the following scenarios;

  • You put in your payment details on the platform of our payment partners
  • Companies we use for marketing communication
  • Companies that we store our data in on the Internet
  • Our staff/ delivery partners on a “need to know” basis
  • If there is a legal basis to disclose maybe to the NYPD or any relevant agency that has the appropriate rights to demand for your PII


Aside those cases, we would not share your PII with third parties without your consent. When we have the reasons and consent to share your PII with any third party, we always make sure the third party would comply fully with privacy laws before sharing.


We will use your email and also your phone number for marketing communication in a bid to serve you better. 

 You can opt out at a future date.


How long do we keep your data?

We retain your data for a period of 6 years maximum. We retain it to make it easier to keep records and serve our clients more effectively. Data Security is important to us. We store your data in secure facilities within the United States. However, if data is transferred outside the United States for any valid reasons, we will take additional security measures to protect your information. All parties outside the United States will be compliant with the laws of the United States and also New York. It will also be compliant with the GDPR. 


Your PII are encrypted at rest and also in transit. Your data security is very important to us. 



Can you withdraw Consent? 

At any point in time, you can reach out to our data protection officer on MentallyGoodsehr@gmail.com, if you have need to withdraw consent on retaining personal data previously provided.

It is your right. 

Can you request for your data?

At any point in time, you can reach out to our data protection officer on MentallyGoodsehr@gmail.com, if you need to request and know which of your personal data we have.

It is your right. 

Can you transfer your information?

You could request to transfer the information we hold to another party where it is possible to. You could do so by sending a mail to MentallyGoodsehr@gmail.com.  It is subject to technical possiblities.

It is your right.

It’s also your right to;

  • Object us from using your personal data for specific reasons
  • Prevent processing of your personal data
  • You can request rectification if any information we have on you is not complete
  • Know of our collection and use of your data

Cookies Technologies 

 MentallyGoods may use cookies to store data on your hard disk the intent is to make your usage of our platform seamless. The feature makes your experience easier. You could choose to accept or decline before this feature can be put to use.

We have a more robust cookie policy you can view here.

Changes to Policy

We update our policy quite often based on changes to our technologies and also as newer laws are developed. The promise we can give is that with every policy change, we would send you an email and have it displayed conspicuously on our website and they may be a print version.

A Bit of Reality

In reality, the Internet is not 100% secure for communicating, therefore, we cannot guarantee entirely the security of the information you send to us via the Internet. We are not responsible for any loss or damage you or others may suffer as a result of the loss of confidentiality of such information which is outside our control. We can only promise we would protect your PII as much as possible.

If you wish to log a complaint about our data protection policy or any other privacy concerns you could contact our DPO on MentallyGoodsehr@gmail.com.






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